By 2030, the Eemsdelta will be the most important green seaport and industrial region of the northern Netherlands. The energy and data sector in the Eemshaven is of international significance. The chemicals and recycling industry in Delfzijl is fully bio-based. Thanks to the strong connection between Energy and Dataport Eemshaven and the Bio-based chemicals and recycling cluster in Delfzijl, a single efficient and competitive green seaport complex has been formed. Government
bodies, the corporate sector, knowledge institutes and social organisations all work closely together, which enables the corporate sector and knowledge institutes to adequately meet the demand for know-how, technology and manpower. Together with the excellent accessibility, quality of the living environment and location at the Wadden Sea world heritage site, this makes the Eemsdelta an extremely attractive spot for (new) companies and (new) inhabitants alike.

The port vision is relevant to the positioning of the port authority. In the light of this vision, the term ‘green’ means sustainable. Groningen Seaports sets out its economic ambitions and indicates how it proposes to achieve them in a sustainable manner. Groningen Seaports has the sincere ambition to develop a Green Port Vision as closely as possible in harmony with the surroundings. The vision will be formulated in consultation with experts on the one hand, but businesses, public authorities and lobby organisations will be involved on the other. The ultimate Port Vision will have to be able to count on broad support. An implementation agenda will be linked to the port vision. These activities and measures in the implementation agenda will contribute to the sustainable development of the port sites from an economic, social and ecological perspective.

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